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Registering Domain Names – Creating Your Internet Identity

If you are serious about your business identity online, then getting a domain name is one of the best investments you can make. Registering domain names involves filling out an online form and paying a registration fee. The fee is typically from $7.95 to $19.95 per year. A domain name is what Internet users use Read More

Web Hosting Price Ranges – What Price Is Considered Low Cost?

The web hosting industry is a very competitive industry, so many hosting providers will assign themselves all manner of praise and fancy adjectives in an effort to appear more valuable to potential customers. Among those efforts to appear like a real bargain, providers will market themselves with phrases like “an affordable web host” or “budget Read More

Ecommerce Web Hosting – Operating A Business Website

The needs of a business website are a little more involved than the needs of a standard personal website. There are matters of information security, exceptional reliability and ecommerce functionality that need to be addressed when choosing a host for such a site. In this article, we define the main components necessary to take part Read More

FrontPage Web Hosting

The FrontPage hosting extensions are a collection of software modules loaded on a web server that enable a web hosting account to use the advanced functions of a FrontPage website. If you want to use FrontPage publishing and site management tools, have the ability to manage web and subweb permissions, publish only changed pages, or use Read More

Free vs Paid Web Hosting

Free vs Paid Hosting – Why Pay For Web Hosting? A common thought that occurs when choosing a web hosting provider is, “Why pay for it when I can get it for free?“. Controlling website expenses is certainly an important consideration for most site owners, but web hosting is one area where cutting costs too Read More

Cheap Web Hosting Pitfalls

The idea of paying less money for hosting has a universal appeal. The less you have to pay to keep your web site up and running, the better. But the less you pay, the greater the chance that you might encounter one of the pitfalls of cheap web hosting. Charges For Exceeding Your Allotted Bandwidth Read More